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Fluvial geomorphology    Geoarchaeology    Optically stimulated luminescence dating  •  Catastrophic events •  Geographic information systems (GIS)


Teo, E.A. & Marren, P.M. (2015). Interaction of ENSO-driven Flood Variability and Anthropogenic Changes in Driving Channel Evolution: Corryong/Nariel Creek, Australia. Australian Geographer, 46 (3), pp.339–362.

Teo, E.A. & Marren, P.M. (2014). The Evolution of Corryong/Nariel Creek since European Settlement: Implications for On-going Management Prioritisation. In: G. Vietz, I. D. Rutherfurd, & R. Hughes eds. 7th Australian Stream Management Conference. Townsville, Australia, Proceedings of the 7th Australian Stream Management Conference, pp.25–35.

Teo, E.A. (2013). The Geomorphological Evolution of Corryong Creek, Victoria. Masters thesis, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Conference Abstracts

Teo, E.A., Morthekai, P. & Nag, D. (2017). Optimising and testing the time-resolved OSL of feldspar contaminated quartz grains. 15th International Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating, Cape Town, South Africa.
Awarded the Copernicus Prize for The Brightest Young Star

[Invited Speaker] Teo, E.A., Ziegler, A.D., Wasson, R.J. & Morthekai, P. (2017). Historical reconstruction of river avulsions in the Chiang Mai Basin, Thailand. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 14th Annual Meeting, Singapore.

Teo, E.A., Ziegler, A.D., Wasson, R.J. & Morthekai, P. (2017). Digging for Lost Rivers in Thailand: Locating and Dating Paleochannels in the Chiang Mai Intermontane Basin. Geophysical Research Abstracts. Vienna, Austria, EGU General Assembly, 19.
Winner of the EGU Communicate Your Science Video Competition 

Teo, E., & Marren, P (2014). Interaction of ENSO-driven flood variability and anthropogenic changes driving river channel evolution: Corryong Creek, AustraliaGeophysical Research Abstracts. Vienna, Austria, EGU General Assembly, 16.

Marren, P., Zoljan, S., Smith, H., & Teo, E. (2013). Catchment-scale versus site-controls on flood impact: Flooding in northern Victoria, Australia in 2010 to 2012. IAG International Conference on Geomorphology, Paris, France.

Seminar and Workshop Presentations

Safe handling of chemicals in a laboratory (2016) – Seeker’s Interaction Forum, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences (Lucknow, India)

Deriving parameters of riparian condition using GIS (2015) – Tropical Environment Research Symposium, NUS

Different courses of action: River avulsions on the Ping River, Thailand (2015) – Graduate Students Seminar, NUS

A History of Large Floods in the Chao Phraya Catchment with Particular Reference to the Ping River, Thailand, and some Policy Implications (presented by Prof Robert Wasson) (2015) – Future Floods: An Exploration of a Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Flood Risk Forecasting, NUS [Presentation contributor]

Optically-stimulated luminescence dating: what it is and how it works (2014) – Tropical Environment Research Symposium, NUS

The Interaction of ENSO-driven flood variability and anthropogenic changes on channel evolution: Corryong Creek, Australia (2014) – Holocene Climate Reconstructions and Understanding Flood Histories, NUS


Being a flood scientist (2015) – Elementary School (5th Grade) Unit on Social Change, International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia