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Scientist and science communicator

Based in Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark, I am a researcher for the INOS Project, an EU-funded Erasmus+ project that aims to modernise Higher Education curricula by integrating Open Science and Citizen Science. I therefore design and implement educational Open Science and Citizen Science Activities.

My professional life is driven by my interests in the Environment, Geography and Science Communication. I have a PhD in Physical Geography and a Masters in Environmental Science, which involved a lot of outdoor fieldwork in rural areas, taking measurements along rivers, lab work, and spatial data analysis.

I also remained active in science communication, as I believe that science is truly impactful when there is public awareness, interest and engagement. Previous to my current position with the INOS Project, I taught students, I volunteered to give talks in schools, participated in science communication contests, designed infographs, and joined citizen science activities.

I am fortunate that I am able to combine my passion for science and public outreach. I hope to continue to help bridge science and society in my career.

In addition to my home country of Malaysia, I have lived in Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore. I have also spent significant amounts of time in Thailand and India for research activities.


Science and environment

Science communication

Open and citizen science

Urban gardening

Scientific background

Physical geography

Luminescence dating


Environmental science

Academic background

Doctor of Philosophy (Geography) – National University of Singapore
Thesis: Fluvial change and the development of the Ping River, Thailand: sedimentological and chronological evidence. View here.

Master of Environment (Environmental Science) – The University of Melbourne, Australia
Thesis: The geomorphological evolution of Corryong Creek, Australia. View here.

Bachelor of Science (Geography) – The University of Melbourne, Australia